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I-Team: Is This Randy Moss Trying To Open A Checking Account? [UPDATE: Yes, Sort Of]

We just received the following email from a reader who wants to be called Biscuit:

I was bored & looking at some articles on Huffington Post today when I noticed a photo in a slideshow that stood out. The article was about a guy who fought back against Bank of America charging him a checking account fee. Maybe I am losing my mind, but the person wearing the red jacket in the 1st photo of the slideshow at the bottom looks an awful lot like Randy Moss to me. I saw this and thought you folks might appreciate it.


Yeah, this is almost certainly not Randy Moss.

UPDATE, 3:12 p.m.: This is Randy Moss. The rest of the post follows as originally printed.

But why rule it out? Moss is a weird dude: he once called into talk radio to bash his coach, and he once got released for flipping out about a buffet. He also owns a fruit-juice franchise. And, before he signed with San Francisco, his NFL comeback press conference was so sad and spartan that we could imagine him needing the cash rewards Capital One provides. What's the word, DaRealOtis?


Robert Whitten Wins Battle With Bank Of America Over Lifetime Free Checking Account (VIDEO) [Huffington Post]

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