I-Team: Which Former Phillies Prospect Was Filmed Reverse-Cowgirling At The Coliseum?

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You've seen the footage by now, either here, or elsewhere: a happy couple boinking away during an extended session of bleacher-seat sex while the cameraman films away. But according one tipster, the man in this classic video was a coveted MLB prospect:

From tipster, Chris:

Now—I have some additional information regarding the couple in the cheap seats in the Coliseum. I won't name any names, but the guy in the picture used to be a hot prospect in the Phillies organization (even roomed with Scott Rolen) before blowing out his shoulder, ending his career. He did actually marry the girl in the video, but I'm not sure if they are still wed.. He was buddies with all the A's at that time, so of course, that entire clubhouse saw this footage and gave him no end of hell for it. Also, apparently they weren't fooling anyone, because a number guys were walking back and forth giving him the thumbs up.

That's all I'll say...

So there you have it I-team. Do work.


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