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"I Want Barry Melrose To Shoot On Me," And Other Highlights From Linda Cohn's Stint As A Goaltender

Hey, look! It's hockey on SportsCenter!


Our favorite hour of ESPN's flagship program was at it again today, with highlights from Linda Cohn's stint as a goalie at a charity event this weekend. Double-entendres were abound in this segment, one capped off by a fitting "Nasty! Nasty! Nasty!"


Linda Cohn's long been a topic of our conversations here, so the question has to be raised: How is "I was getting jiggy with it" a response to the suggestion she was wearing illegal goalie equipment? Is that her go-to rejoinder? "Ms. Cohn, were you aware there was a stop sign back there? "I was getting jiggy with it." Step up your game, Linda. [ESPN]

Edit: Reader Stephen W. notes that notorious big-pad-using goaltender J.S. Giguere's nickname was "Jiggy," and that's what she was referring to. Thanks!

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