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If you’ve ever been curious about the proper vocalization of “!!!!!!!!!,” this Icelandic announcer is here to enlighten you with his call of the home team’s historic Euro 2016 win against Austria:

Pretty excited!

Update: The Reykjavík Grapevine has done us all a favor and translated the announcer’s call:

“It’s all open! Theodór Elmar is alone here on their side of the pitch. They are three on two! Emmi (short for Elmar)! Go into the box! Go into the box! EMMI! Ahhh… Yes… Yes… Yes… YES… YES… Jarghaah… we are winning this! We are through to the final 16! We are through to the final 16! We are winning Austria! The voice has gone! But that doesn´t matter! We have qualified! Arnór Yngvi Traustason scores! Iceland two Austria one! Þvílíkt og annað eins*! Þvílíkt og annað eins! What? The final whistle has been blown here, and never, ever have I felt so good! Arnór Yngvi Traustason securing our first victory! Never lost! Don’t forget… never lost! But the first victory a fact! Iceland two Austria one! Thanks for coming Austria! Thanks for coming!”

(*”Þvílíkt og annað eins” is hard to relate in meaning, but a direct translation would be: “Such things and other alike.”)


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