I've never been to Idaho, but I always assumed it was a laid back place filled with docile potato farmers and their beautiful, but lonely daughters. As the world is slowly learning, however, nothing could be further from the truth. It's a vicious football moonscape that scars pretty boy quarterbacks for sport; where the only law is the law of the fist and even coaches aren't spared from the wrath of their own players. Just ask Nampa High School head coach Scott Wooldridge, who was trying to break up a fight involving members of the opposing team and his own running back, Kip Ramos, when Ramos decided to call the old man out.

Police say Wooldridge was attempting to get Ramos to stop arguing with members of the Emmett High football team and get off the field when Ramos hit Wooldridge several times with closed fists, striking him in the face and causing unspecified injuries.

The good news is that even though Nampa's head coach got cold cocked and their starting running back was arrested for felony aggravated battery in the fourth quarter, they still won the game 28-16. Because you do not fuck with Idaho football, you hear? They will end you!"Nampa football player charged with aggravated battery, accused of attacking coach" [Idaho Statesman] • Related: This Is Why We Can't Have Two-Way Football Players Anymore