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College and pro sports are dirty cesspools of corruption, greed, and underhanded malfeasance, but they've got nothing on the cutthroat world of high school football. Just ask Taysom Hill, a star quarterback from Highland High School in Idaho, who is committed to Stanford. Recent opponent and cross-town rival Pocatello High School was a little bit stumped on how to slow down the All-American talent coming at them on offense, but fortunately, Hill is such a good athlete (which we're guessing is a premium in Idaho) that he is also the team's place kicker. And everyone knows how easy it is to hit them ...A player from Pocatello's return team was given one assignment on kickoff coverage—line the kicker/QB up and drill him the second the ball leaves his foot. On every single kickoff. Does this look like a standard strategy to you? I think it falls somewhere between the eighth-grade "wrong ball" trick and the no punt offense on the spectrum of questionable football tactics. Hill is okay (I assume), Highland won anyway, and Pocatello's coach was suspended for one game. His own school investigated and not surprisingly—it's all good! So he'll be back on Friday. And that's all you need to know about Idaho high school sports. (Or sports, really.) • High School Football Coach Suspended After His Players Cheap Shot Opposing Kicker [Fanhouse] • Pocatello Head Coach Reinstated To Coaching Duties [KPVI]


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