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Idiot On The Field During Jacksonville Game Actually Outgained The Jaguars, Thanks To Security Ignoring Him

Late in yesterday's embarrassing Jaguars performance at home against the Texans, a presumably beer-fueled fan took to EverBank Field to perform the usual jackassery of an Idiot On The Field. As the crowd cheered his antics, though, yellow-shirted security completely ignored what was happening on the field. (That's First Coast News sports director Dan Hicken ranting beneath the video; you remember him from this stunt in which he rips Bob Costas for running too late with the Olympics.)


So after racking up about 175 yards on the field, a security officer eventually gives chase, but fails. That's when Jaguars defensive back Dwight Lowery finally gets involved, grabbing the miscreant and handing him over to the Keystone Kops that found him so elusive.

Lowery wasn't happy, asking after the game what the hell the security staff was doing (from the video, it looks like they were posing for photos). But, then, his offense only gained 117 yards on the day—significantly fewer than the Idiot On The Field managed. [WTLV]

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