If Kyrie Irving is getting on your nerves, a Cavs fan feels your pain

Of all places, Irving got heckled by fans in Cleveland

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NBA fans are ON Kyrie everywhere, including Cleveland.
NBA fans are ON Kyrie everywhere, including Cleveland.
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For those frustrated with Kyrie Irving’s vaccine stance, and misguided logic behind his stance, on COVID vaccinations, take solace in the fact that he will not enjoy a moment of peace all season from the fans. For now, Irving can only play in road games because of New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate for large public indoor gatherings. While there may be Irving fans littered throughout opposing arenas, he likely will not play in front of a friendly crowd this season.

That being said, if there is any opposing fanbase that should still be treating Irving like their favorite cousin that they only see a couple of times per year it’s the Cleveland Cavalier fans. His shot late in the fourth quarter of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals turned out to be the game-winner that gave the city it’s first championship since the 1964 Browns.

Sure Irving forced his way out of Cleveland in 2017, but his game-winner clinched the city a championship parade for the first time since LBJ was in office holding meetings from his shitter. That should be worth a statue and warm welcome every time Irving visits Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.


There were some fans sitting courtside who treated that shot like it happened six years ago. They heckled Irving during the Brooklyn Nets’ 114-107 loss to the Cavs on Monday. Someone yelled at him “Kyrie, you need LeBron?” The same person also yelled at him “Where’s KD?”

Irving grew tired of this and reminded them that he won those “motherfuckers a championship,” and they’re “still ungrateful”. The fan’s response “it’s just one.”


It’s just one. Only the audacity that comes from being able to get courtside seats could bring someone to say that. That fan’s grandparents likely listened to Cleveland’s most recent championship prior to the Cavs on the radio. However, old spiritual Kyrie did hit them with the MFer.


He’s now the heel when he steps into arenas, not just because he’s an opposing player, but he’s proudly defiant toward the COVID vaccine in front of tens of thousands of people who got vaccinated because they want to be able to enjoy a night out as this pandemic slogs toward the two-year mark.

If Irving is going to be firm in his stance, he might as well fully relish his heel character. He should’ve looked at the fan and asked him what’s his name. Then as the fan began to say it Irving should’ve cut him off and yelled, “It doesn’t matter what your name is,” and then sprinted down the court.


The Nets have 10 of their next 13 games on the road so there’s going to be a lot of Irving on the court with Durant nursing a knee injury. Opposing fans, be ready. Keep your hands to yourself and don’t be racist or threatening, but do be creative when heckling Irving while he’s on the floor.

That’s what heels are for.