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If Lastings Milledge Has Offended Any Of You Hos, He Apologizes

A while back we recorded the saga of the Mets' Lastings Milledge, whose new rap song, Bend Ya Knees, not only failed to capture the imagination of America's youth, but also angered his baseball employers. Milledge apologized on Thursday, probably ruining his street cred among all Triple-A/hip hop fans who wear festive sweaters.

Eddie Arroyo, an independent producer who has worked with Milledge's new record label, Soul-ja Boi records, expressed remorse for the outfielder. "Lastings wants to apologize to the Mets organization, to his teammates and to anyone that was hurt by his lyrics," said Arroyo. "It wasn't his intention to hurt anyone....He's going to make sure he uses better judgment in the future." The sexually explicit song, "Bend Ya Knees," has been removed from the Web site, and Arroyo said it was "just a demo" never meant for the public.


Well, the world is losing a truly great musical genius, but gaining a .241 hitter.

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