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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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In about a half an hour, Major League Baseball is going through with something they're calling "The Civil Rights Game," which was a really really nice idea ... until Major League Baseball screwed it up about as badly as anything can be screwed up.


Participating in the Civil Rights Game will be the Cleveland Indians, who have a red-faced caricature of a Native American as their mascot. It's kind of like having a 9-11 benefit game, and asking Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to throw out the first pitch.

To quote Memphis Bengal at the Sports Frog:

The problem? MLB invited the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cleveland Indians. Of the Chief Wahoo Indians. To a city that was on the Trail of Tears. With people in and near Memphis that are ancestors of that particular genocidal event. To a game that is supposed to commemorate one race's struggle for equality and acceptance. With a team that sports, to a good chunk of the people that matter, a logo and name that are inherently offensive.


It's on ESPN at 5:30. And please, don't let any of this stop you from watching and enjoying the game, though. In fact, if you're going to paint your face, Major League Baseball asks that you use burnt cork.

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