The New York Jets have graduated from hapless ne'er-do-wells to full-blown snowball rolling down the mountain, taking out everything in its path. Tonight, the Jets jump-started an ugly dustup between national and local media. Maybe, just maybe, some good can come out of this Jets season: total media cannibalization.

We start with Jason La Canfora. Earlier today, he wrote an article about the frothing beat that covers the Jets, rightly pointing out, among other things, the cognitive dissonance of the "how do you play Mark Sanchez" outrage. Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post took issue and things quickly deteriorated.

It'll be interesting to see how this impacts both guys when they step on the field. The NFL season is fast approaching and the last thing CBS or The Post need are distractions like this. It makes you wonder if either has the maturity yet to be the guy. What's more, colleagues won't like having to answer to the constant questions about a sideshow like this. If it keeps up, it could lead to tension in the writer's room.

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