If This Doesn't Warm Your Heart, You're Awful

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We've learned a lot about fan psychology when it comes to foul balls. We've seen adults snatch them away from children; we've seen kids sulk until they're rewarded; we've seen grown men devote their sad lives to catching baseballs. There's something about that little sphere made of cork, yarn and leather that makes otherwise regular folks lose their minds.

Which is why this video from last night's Diamondbacks game melts even our permafrost countenances. Nicholas, as a young boy, is allowed to be upset about not getting the ball tossed into the stands by Rickie Weeks. But Ian's a kid too, and no one would have ever begrudged his taking the ball back to his seat and guarding it like a jealous lover. But the moment he notices Nicholas crying, and without the prompting of a parent, Ian walks down and hands him the ball because "it's the right thing."


Major props to the D-Backs broadcast booth, which hosted Ian and his friends and gave them some autographed bats and such. Doing the right thing usually works out in the end.