If This Is How The Eagles Are Trying To Smear Nnamdi Asomugha, It's Hilarious

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The media of Philadelphia evidently can't fill the winter hours by moaning about the Phillies or their just-outside-of-the-playoffs NBA and NHL teams. They want to talk Eagles. And they don't want to talk strategy, or draft picks, or rhapsodize about Chip Kelly. Those are all silly things to do in late February, to be sure, but they are all more worthwhile than what the Eagles press is actually doing, which is discussing where Nnamdi Asomugha eats his lunch:

Nnamdi Asomugha used to eat lunch in his car during Eagles practices, 94WIP's Hollis Thomas reported on Tuesday.

Instead of eating with his teammates, Asomugha used to eat lunch, by himself, in his car at the Novacare complex to get some "me time" during the 2012 season sources told Thomas.

Hollis Thomas—who, presumably, knows from spending time with food—somehow got wind of this fact at the perfect time for the Eagles, as the team's trying to negotiate a pay cut for Asomugha. Huh. And Thomas spread the word while reporting for WIP, the Eagles' flagship station. Double huh!


Three cheers to Philly for evidently pulling off a synergistic smear, but, um, couldn't the team manage something more lurid? The cornerback hangs out on his own during lunch? Next they're gonna say he likes to read. Or maybe he takes walks from time to time. Maybe he even cooks dinner for himself. Cut this man!

If nothing else, the appeal worked on this Twitter guy:


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