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A high school baseball coach is on trial for inappropriate conduct with his players, but this one's different than the usual coach-student sex scandals.


Bartholomew McInerney (lovingly referred to as "Coach Bart"), has been coaching down at the Jersey Shore forever. He also allegedly likes to talk to his players about their masturbation habits. But he can't always be around, so he's made sure that at least a dozen of his former players text him every time they masturbate — even after they've gone off to college.

The money quotes:

Like several other victims, victim number 9 also admitted he carried on with the text messages after going off to college as a way to "make more money.'' Other alleged victims have testified that McInerney offered them up to $5 for each text message.

Earlier this morning, victims 3 and 11 admitted they too continued to text McInerney after going off to college.

Victim number 11 told jurors how McInerney initiated conversations with him about masturbation and introduced a code for texting him about masturbating. The code included a number for the duration of the act and a one-word description of how it felt - from bad to good to excellent.


For example, here's one I would have sent: "30 seconds. Tearful."

Alleged victim says coach created code for their text messages [Asbury Park Press]

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