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If You Hacked A Major Sports League's Twitter Account, What Would You Do?

The NFL’s official Twitter account got hacked today, and the rapscallion who did it handled things pretty well, choosing to tweet the insane but not totally implausible news that Roger Goodell had died. This got us thinking, what’s the best prank to pull in a situation like that?


It’s a fine line. Sure, you could tweet “All Hail ISIS!!!” from the NBA Twitter account, but everyone would immediately know that it had been hacked. The real move is to tweet something that people have to at least pause and consider being possibly real, which is what today’s hacker was going for. Personally, I think the best way to go would be announcing that a very famous player has been banned for betting on and throwing his own games. You’d believe that for a second, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, what would you do if you hacked a major sports league’s Twitter account? Let us know in the comments.

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