He'll still pose for the picture, of course, he'll just slyly give you the finger while he smiles at the camera.

A reader writes in with a new Virgil story and, I have to say, I'm going Team Virgil on this one. Jim In Chicago met Virgil at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo held this weekend and he tried to lowball Virgil on the price of a picture.

As I headed down to the expo, I received texts from numerous people alerting me to the fact that, as expected, the great Virgil/Vincent/Curly Bill had been reportedly seen patrolling the expo grounds, million dollar belt in hand.

So, of course, it stands to reason that he'd have one of the first booths located just inside the festival's main entrance.

As per the legend, Virgil was of course sitting by himself at the table trying to chat up anyone careless enough to get too close.

I approached, cautiously at first, and Virgil (clad in a classy "Joe Palooka" hoodie) immediately tried to sell me a WWE "spinneroo belt" as he dubbed it.

"Come on, man. You NEED that" he implored.

I politely declined but did inquire as to what it would cost me to procure a photo op with the legendary grappler.

"Twenty bucks, man" Virgil asserted.

I offered five.

"Come on, man... ten bucks."

The men agreed on 10 bucks and posed for the picture you see above. Interestingly, that belt Jim has slung over his shoulder is not the real Million Dollar Belt, it's a replica. Virgil told Jim, "[t]he original weighs eighty-five pounds and Ted has that. That one is worth sixty-five million dollars."

Remember folks, you get what you pay for.