Stephen Colbert reviews the new commemorative Mets' patch. "It's perfect. Notice the way the patch mirrors its fans, by not wanting to actually say it's for the Mets." [The 700 Level]

Winning Isn't Everything, It's The Only Thing. First rescue boat on the scene in the Hudson River U.S. Airways plane emergency? The Thomas Jefferson, captained by Vince Lombardi! []

More Fun With Unibrows. Pete Sampras and Mick Foley, in the same post! [Food Court Lunch]


Lee Trevino Knows What's Wrong With The Cowboys. "Let me tell you something. I've analyzed this thing backwards, sideways, every way, OK? They need to teach Tony Romo how to stay in the pocket. [You Been Blinded]

Drew Brees Is A Father! The happy news, plus some stuff about Harry Potter that I don't understand. [The Kornheiser Cartel]


Tim Tebow To The Resuce. OK, the Photoshop below is kind of humorous.