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If You've Been Waiting All These Years To See Bobby Hurley Eat Some Shit On A Basketball Court, Congratulations, Your Time Has Come

Arizona State toppled Arizona in overtime Thursday night, 95–88, breaking a streak of six straight Wildcat victories in the rivalry, stretching back to 2015. Great. Tremendous. Now let us spend several minutes together chuckling at the sight of grey-haired, 47-year-old Bobby Hurley eating a damn basketball and then throwing a brief tantrum about it.

Hurley is the head coach of the Sun Devils, so he had a pretty good night overall. Still! He was one of the first truly obnoxious Blue Devils players under Mike Krzyzewski, and he helped Coach K win his first two national championships, and he was just a constant irritation on an otherwise enjoyable Duke team led by Grant Hill and Christian Laettner. It is the right of all basketball fans to enjoy this lowlight as a kind of settling of old scores. Eat it, Hurley!


Staff Writer, Deadspin

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