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Illinois: Now Part Of This Complete Breakfast

It baffles me as to how Illinois could have missed out on the NCAA Tournament, now that we know the existence of the Great Illinois-Shaped Corn Flake. A girl in Virginia noticed the flake it in her morning cereal and immediately recognized it as one of the 50 states, and then slapped it onto the e-Bays, where the fevered bidding has reached $56. (Could this be why the terrorists hate us?) Here's the description:

This is a great opportunity to own a frosted corn flake shaped like the great state of Illinois! The corn flake is larger than your average flake, measuring about 2 inches in length and 1 3/8 inches in width, and is just lightly frosted. Its large size adds impact to its unusual shape. This is a must have item for any Illinois lover, collector of food lookalikes, or anyone who desires a unique conversation item!


Hey, I'm pretty sure that Will is all three of those!

If this flake can somehow be purchased and put into the possession of the Fighting Illini, that NIT Tournament trophy is as good as theirs.

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