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Rasheed Wallace: lover, fighter, hilarious training camp invitee, and talker of the best trash in the NBA. On Tuesday, he yelled "Yeah, Aflac!" at Aaron Afflalo after Afflalo bricked a free throw; last night, he yelled everything at everybody after they did anything. Here is your courtside Sheed experience for a game in which he scored 13 points, blocked three shots, and built on his immense lead for most technical fouls of all time.


When Sheed ran around like his pants were on fire? Looked like this:

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Z-Bo did make a difference and the Knicks lost their first game of the season after taking a lesson from their elder statesman and pretty much unraveling emotionally in the third quarter. Still, not every victory shows up in the win column. You're gonna read about me, Lion-el!

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