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I'm Just Saying, Skip Bayless Would Be A Happier Dude If He Ate Some Popeye's

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For the last two years, the only times I’ve thought very much about Skip Bayless have been whenever I remember that his diet is a cross between that of a dorm room gamer-hermit and that of a long-term fallout shelter resident, the specifics of which we found out in a Washington Post profile from 2013:

At his core, he’s a man of routine, and at the beginning of each week, he orders five days’ worth of chicken and broccoli (no sauce), his nightly dinners. Every weekend he stops by the same Manhattan deli and buys five sandwiches to bring back to his weekday home in Connecticut, his daily lunch. He’s a health nut who exercises twice a day. Every Sunday morning is church, every Friday is date night and every evening in between is the same: chicken and broccoli — and sports.


Today, the Wall Street Journal has a new profile that covers a lot of the same ground, but dispatches an update on Skip’s diet that is somehow even more grim:

For a time he was ordering steamed chicken and broccoli (no sauce) from a Chinese restaurant nightly. “It’s the perfect food,” he says. This year he discovered a healthy food delivery company. “I order two weeks worth of food,” he says. “You just pop it in the microwave and it’s healthy and easy.” His go-to orders are wild salmon or chicken with broccoli and brown rice or roasted potatoes. Friday is his cheat night, when he and his wife eat one slice of Ray’s pizza. His one vice is Diet Mountain Dew, which he occasionally drinks for a caffeine jolt before his show.

Nutrition shakes, microwave dinners, reheated chicken and broccoli, and one slice of pizza a week (not sure which Ray’s he’s going to, but if you can trust yourself to eat just one slice at a place you’re likely self-sabotaging). Man alive. Be kinder to yourself, Skip.

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