I'm Sorry To Report That Roger Ailes Ever Lived

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Inevitably, in the torrent of obituaries to come, someone will recite a list of Roger Ailes’s personal failings, repugnant views, and malignant actions, but then be sure to credit him with having been a brilliant provocateur or a visionary broadcaster or some shit. “For better or worse,” they will preface it. Nonsense. An asshole is not a brilliant visionary just because a toilet has a bottomless appetite for what comes out of it.

The only thing that needs to be written about Roger Ailes for all the rest of eternity is that he was as vile an abomination as has ever slipped from a human orifice, that the success and power he attained in life are as damning an indictment as you can read against the fiber of American society, and that the entire world is worse off for him ever having lived in it. Everything he was and did was awful and worthless. Bury him under an outhouse.