We try not to bring any political correctness, or politics in general, around here, because sports are supposed to be fun, and politics is not fun and just makes people angry. But we couldn't help but think this was a little silly. The athletic director at Dartmouth published a letter in the student newspaper apologizing for the team's upcoming hockey game against the University of North Dakota because UND has an "offensive mascot."

I must offer a sincere apology to the Native American community, and the Dartmouth community as a whole, for an event that will understandably offend and hurt people within our community. In late December, we will host a men's ice hockey tournament that includes the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. UND is one of 14 colleges or universities that continue to maintain a Native American name and image to represent their athletic teams.

Let me state clearly that UND's position is offensive and wrong. When we scheduled UND nearly two years ago to participate in our tournament, we did so without considering their team's nickname and symbol. Perhaps we should have, but I deeply regret that we didn't.

First off ... Dartmouth has a Native American community? Really? More to the point, whether or not you think UND (and our Illini, for that matter) should change their mascot โ€” and we tend to think they should โ€” it seems a bit self- flagellating to flog your own school because you're playing the team in hockey. It is just a game, after all. Academia is so funny.

Apology For Hockey Team Mascot [The Dartmouth]

(By the way, the photo is of the Fighting Sioux dance team. So you know.)