In A Bizarre Flip Flop, Nick Faldo Changes His Mind On Tiger Woods

Wait, what? Nick Faldo was stomping around The Golf Channel this morning basically calling for Tiger Woods's head. He said that Woods should do the "manly thing" and withdraw from the Masters after he improperly took his drop several feet behind where he originally hit his third shot at the 15th yesterday.


This afternoon, a few minutes after CBS came on the air, sitting in the warm, stifling confines of Butler Cabin, Faldo entirely reversed himself and said: never mind.

He was quickly attacked on Twitter. Even CBS' Doug Gottlieb got into the action and went after Faldo (he has since deleted his tweets). Jim Nantz did an admirable job when CBS came on the air by grilling a Masters committee official for several minutes about what happened yesterday. It only took 10 more minutes to undo all of that. Bob Costas is right. It wouldn't be the Masters on CBS without some light censorship.