In A Twist, Bengals Player Embarrassed By Fan's Crime

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Police in Florence, Kentucky, are searching for a man allegedly stole a case of beer from a store. At the time, he was barefoot and wore a Bengals jersey, so be on the lookout for a guy who really hates shoes and loudly talks about how happy he is that Marvin Lewis is gone.

As for the jersey, there are a few options. Rudi Johnson wore No. 32 for the Bengals, as did Jeremy Hill and Cedric Benson (yikes). A less likely possibility is 2018 fourth-round pick Mark Walton, who was cut this April after he was arrested three times in three months. 

But the current owner of the number is Bengals rookie RB Trayveon Williams. He was mortified to hear the news. A uniform change might be in order.