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In Case You've Forgotten, The Giants Play The Eagles This Weekend

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So Giants fans pretty much have their panties in a bunch this week over this SI cover ... "Hey, we're the champs!" I'm ready for the game to start now. [Big Blue View]

Limited Seating Remaining On The Eagles Bandwagon. All the attention comes at a cost though. Rather suddenly, we're all idiots and Reid is a genius. According to Rich Hofmann, the offense never needed any balance after all (I'm not even going to touch that), and if you listen to Bill Conlin, crow is what's for dinner in Philadelphia. Then there are the national pundits who remind us at every turn that you booed Donovan on draft day. You're a jerk. [The 700 Level]

Eww, Kitty Has Claws. Now I’m not going to take anything away from the Cardinals. They’re a team with an exceptional offense. It’s just one-dimensional. They don’t have a running game. They’re a playoff team and they have the worst rushing offense in the NFL. [Cat Scratch Reader]


My Sock Is Wet With Another Man's Piss. Got to give kudos to HBO's The Life And Times of Tim for this episode, produced months before we knew that the Eagles and Giants would be meeting in the playoffs; and at the Meadowlands, no less. Nice to see a departure from the usual, cliched Eagles-fans-as-louts theme. Poor Tim. (language NSFW).

Wither Westbrook? Brian Westbrook uses "sprained ankle" as an excuse to sit out Wednesday's practice. But he's expected to play. [NBCSports]

They Do Chicken Right. Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Arizona Cardinals team up for their "Wing It" promotion. If an Arizona quarterback tcompetes a Hail Mary pass on the final play of the game, KFC will donate $125,000 to charity. This is in no way a stupid idea. [Raising Zona]

Temco-izing The '09 Playoffs: Divisional Round. Yes, I realize Plaxico Burress is playing here... But it's such a thrilling game that it doesn't matter! [Armchair GM]


So No Reason To Watch The Game Then, I Guess. Daily News columnist guarantees Giants victory. Surely its not hyperbole! [New York Daily News]

Warner Under Appreciated, Giants In Peril. With all due respect to Peyton Manning, the NFL’s MVP for the 2008 season was the Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Kurt Warner. [New York Observer]

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