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In Defense Of Joe Pa's Views Of Lesbians

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(Honestly, we love that we get to write headlines like that.)

A reader writes in to cut Penn State monument Joe Paterno a little slack ... and has some real fun with noted anti-lesbian coach Rene Portland:

Actually, what's ironic about the Rene Portland thing is that the big rumor on campus is that she herself is gay. Self-hater, perhaps? And in 2000 or 2001, the student newspaper accidentally published a joke to that effect — a writer had put in a false quote about Portland saying that she likes being around young women because they "munch her box." None of the editors caught the joke, and it was published.

And no, JoePa is not homophobic. Republican, yes, but not homophobic. If you ever get a chance to talk to him, he's actually very socially liberal — one of the first coaches with an all Black backfield, etc. So while his affiliation with the Bush family (and Rene Portland) may call his views on homosexuality into question, I can assure you that he's far from discriminatory.


We still can't believe that this is the third time in two days we've typed the words "Joe Paterno" and "lesbians" in the same post.

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