Does Joe Pa Hate Lesbians Too?

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Yesterday, we made a glib remark about Joe Paterno and Penn State's homophobic coach, because hey, we're a blog, we're glib, it's what we do. We joked that you could say what you want about Joe Paterno, but at least unlike his women's basketball coach, he didn't hate lesbians.

Turns out we might have been wrong. Women's Hoops Blog sets us straight by detailing the relationship between women's hoops coach Rene Portland and Paterno, a man who has protected her against homophobia criticism and may, in fact, share her beliefs more than he lets on. Portland, despite her rather clear stance that she won't have lesbians on her team, has escaped censure, many say, because no one can take her on without taking on the beloved Joe Pa.


We find this sad — we have a soft spot for elderly, fragile football coaches — and not terribly shocking. Check out the Women's Hoops Blog post for all the juicy details.

History Of Rene Portland [Women's Hoops Blog]