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David Zalubowski/AP

Here’s a thing Terrence Ross did in the fourth quarter of a tied, tense game, while semi-guarded, and with a wide-open teammate:

And here is a thing that happened later:


A coincidence? Nope, Ross cleared up any ambiguity after the game—it was the spinning yam that did it.

Some would read this as a cautionary tale, the universe wagging a scolding finger. But we say keep going for the in-game dunk-contest attempts—even if you miss them tragically, even if you’ve already hurt yourself doing it, and even if it makes it harder for your team to win—until your very bones come apart. Ross now has both an in-game windmill and 360 this season, so I’m going to need him to stay alive until he connects on a through-the-legs, at the very least.

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