December 6 was the last time the Lions won a regular-season game. And with games coming up against the Steelers, Browns, Bears, and Vikings, let’s not act like it’s inconceivable that this team could go a full calendar year without a win. No one wants that, especially not Lions fans, as it’s also a bad look for the league. However, it’s quite ironic that the Lions are solely in this position because their front office wanted to hire two unqualified and mediocre white men to coach their team instead of keeping the Black coach that engineered their last two consecutive winning seasons – including the 2016 campaign that featured the Lions’ last playoff appearance. Since 2000, the Lions have only made the postseason three times. Two of those three trips were with Caldwell at the helm.


This is the part where someone who’s reading this will yell out/tweet “Why does this have to be about race?” And my reply will be, “I don’t know, but the NFL made it this way, not me.”

The precedent for Campbell deserving to be on the hot seat isn’t just about how ridiculously he — and Patricia — failed compared to Caldwell, but because in 2018 the Arizona Cardinals fired Steve Wilks — a Black head coach — after one season in which he was 3-13. Arizona was 2-6 by the time they reached their bye week that season. If a coach with two wins can be fired for only having two wins during the first half of his opening season, then a winless one like Dan Campbell should definitely be updating his LinkedIn profile. I’m sure Jim Caldwell could give him some tips.