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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We don't know how we missed this from Jeff Passan's excellent column on Japanese-Iranian pitcher Yu Darvish, but apparently the fella, in addition to being the Sports Elvis of Japan right now, isn't afraid to take it all off.


Yes, in Japan, the 20-year-old pitching phenoms aren't destroyed by Dusty Baker; they're featured nude in national magazines.

He stands 6-foot-5, is model skinny and resembles no one else in the stadium, the product of an Iranian father and Japanese mother. He's undeniably good looking, and he knows it, having peeled off his clothes for a nude magazine spread last year.


You know, this would have totally helped Zack Greinke's mental state.

In other indecent exposure news, a Brit soccer coach apparently made some bondage video. Talk about an idea made for Bill Belichick.

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