In Lieu Of UFC Highlights, Embarrassing Videos Of A UFC Executive VP

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The UFC, a leading mixed martial arts promotion, has an exciting pay-per-view card scheduled tonight, on which fighters will surely demonstrate beautiful artistry and competitive spirit. We would like to show you brief clips or .gifs of the exciting action, which would perhaps encourage you to buy future pay-per-view cards, but the UFC actively and enthusiastically discourages us from doing so. It's strange that a fight promotion that isn't allowed to promote in New York State and is currently in trouble in Boston due in large part to the genuinely vile conduct of its executives and fighters would hassle a popular website looking to inform its readers about the wonderful things their athletes do, especially when that website routinely runs the kind of long, considered pieces about their sport that rival sites don't because they think the sport is an atavistic freakshow or an embarrassing joke, but so it goes.

Since we won't be able to show brief clips or .gifs of what happens tonight, perhaps the videos here will satisfy Deadspin readers hungry for UFC action. The video above shows Chuck Liddell, currently the UFC's Executive Vice President of Business Development, appearing to pass out while doing a routine promotional appearance. The one below defies description but is at least as entertaining.