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Donald Trump, when he's not questioning Barack Obama's citizenship or trying to revive his years-old slap-fight with Rosie O'Donnell, sometimes says funny things on Twitter. Not "ha-ha" funny things, but "your weird uncle walking around with his robe open at Thanksgiving" funny things.

Today Trump hopped on Twitter and launched some pointed criticism at political commentator, fan of old-timey baseball, and Tory Muppet George Will. This was all in response to Will calling Trump a "bloviating ignoramus," which is, like, the most George Will thing anyone could ever say.


So many questions! What is the Mar-a-Lago Club? A quick Google search tells me it's a grotesquely opulent mansion owned by Trump in Palm Beach, Fla., that seems to serve as a place where rich people can gather and act rich together. But what was George Will doing there, and in what way did he "bomb"? Did he freeze up when participating in the club's annual stage rendition of Atlas Shrugged?


Trump quickly found out, though, that when you mess with one stodgy pseudo-sports commentator, you mess with them all—or at least with Rick Reilly, who has a history with Trump all his own.


So much ether.

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