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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

In Olympic Hurdles Tune-Up, Organizers Forget To Put Enough Hurdles On The Track

Heptathlete Jessica Ennis is one of the U.K.'s best hopes for a gold, and perhaps even more important, could be a crossover celebrity. So the Great City Games in Manchester was a chance for England to show off one of its most telegenic Olympians on a made-for-tv course: a hurdles track running right through the center of the city. It looked great, and Ennis won, setting a new personal best.

Her time was thrown out because there weren't enough hurdles on the track. A statement from the event organizers:

"We can confirm that due to human error only nine sets of hurdles rather than the required 10 were put out on track for the women's 100m hurdles event this afternoon. "


Ennis called it a "massive, massive mess-up," and joked that she'll be counting the hurdles in her next race. And I think we can officially add hurdles to the list of sports we only cover when something goes horribly wrong.


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