In Ozzie Guillen's Corner... John Rocker

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In regards to the MLB-mandated sensitivity training, Ozzie Guillen can go one of two ways. He can go to the training, or he can go the John Rocker route. Here are John's thoughts on the situation:

"The guy told me when I got there [the sensitivity training] I had to show up to make it look good for people, so after about 15 minutes I left and walked right out of the room and it satisfied the powers that be.

"This is a free country. If he wants to use a lewd term, he should be able to use a lewd term. Can't you use a lewd term in America if you want?"

Yep. You sure can. But then the rest of the world has a right to think you're a complete douchebag. By the way, how's that working out for you, Rock? Did your career go pretty well after exercising your freedom to use lewd terms? Oh, really? I'm sorry to hear that.


So there it is, Ozzie. It really couldn't be more clear, could it? I don't know if the training will do him any good, and I don't know if Ozzie will ultimately go. But I do know that this is career advice from John Rocker. John Rocker, Ozzie. Think about it.

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