Your morning roundup for Dec. 19, the day we watched Kim Jong Il's monster movie. Photo via The 700 Level. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: The San Diego Chargers being the San Diego Chargers in their 34-14 rout of the Baltimore Ravens on SNF. Why they can't replicate this performance throughout an entire season continues to remain a mystery, along with the inspiration for Joe Flacco's facial hair.

What we're watching (all times EST, unless noted): Nichols State at North Carolina in men's college basketball at 7:00 (ESPNU). Atlanta at Charlotte in preseason NBA basketball at 7 (NBATV). Anaheim at Dallas in NHL hockey at 8 (Versus). Pittsburgh at San Francisco in NFL football at 8:30 (ESPN). Davidson vs. Kansas in men's college basketball at 9 (ESPNU). Southern Mississippi at Arizona State in men's college basketball at 10 (Fox Sports Net). Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers in preseason NBA basketball at 10 (NBATV).


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Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's North Korea: "Pyongyang is North Korea's model city, full of model schools and model hospitals and model people: residence is reserved for the Party's chosen, the political and military élite, the commissars and cadres and their most faithful followers, and the population is regularly cleansed of those deemed ideologically lax, as well as the old, the sick, the disfigured, and the lame, who are banished to the provinces and replaced by a fresh crop of loyalists. It is a city of megalomaniacal architecture and public spaces: immense palaces and coliseums, grandiose boulevards (six, eight, ten lanes wide), towering monuments to the Great Leader, meandering greenways, prim topiary gardens, and skyscrapers (although the tallest is a shell, abandoned as structurally unusable during its construction). It is a city built to awe the rare emissaries from the outside world who are granted visas, and to glorify the Leader, who shuttles between his lavish palaces, unseen, in a darkened car that speeds down streets cleared for his passage." [New Yorker]


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Dec. 19, 2006: Arena Football, It Is Now That You Kneel



Antrel Rolle still believes in Big Blue: "‘If you don't got it in the heart, I don't know,' Rolle said. ‘Washington, they're not a bad team at all. But we are 10 times better than what we showed out there on the field today.'" [NY Daily News]


100% true: "‘You always want to make history,' [Green Bay Packers'] cornerback Tramon Williams said. ‘We didn't get a chance to do that, it's over. I'd like to say it's a relief, but it's not. It's not a relief.'" [Green Bay Press-Gazette]

Your Australian Domino's Commercial Interlude:

The Houston Rockets hate David Stern: "'You can say [Rockets' owner Leslie Alexander] was very angry,' said the person, speaking on condition of anonymity. ‘He was on the phone with Daryl too many times that day to count. When the deal finally got done, he got a call from Daryl saying the deal was done. Afterwards, the commissioner said he didn't think the deal was done. It was amazing. Daryl is extremely efficient and does things the proper way. (Lakers owner) Jerry Buss has been in the league 30 years and has made countless deals and thought the deal was done. Mitch Kupchak thought the deal was done. There was no question in his (Alexander's) and Daryl's minds the deal was done.'" [Houston Chronicle]


An interesting wardrobe choice: "After an uncharacteristically poor performance that included two turnovers in the first quarter in a 45-19 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes showed up to the podium for his postgame news conference in a Superman T-shirt. His performance alone, which was a so-so 40 receiving yards on four catches, might have been enough reason to pick another shirt, but then there was the taunting call. Holmes scored on a 25-yard laser thrown by quarterback Mark Sanchez — one of the few Jets highlights in the game — but he let his flight-boys move morph into a Eagles touchdown dance, propping his foot up on the ball and flapping his arms. The Jets were down 18 points at the time and the ensuing taunting call cost the Jets 15 yards on the kickoff. " [ESPN]

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