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In a way, the undeniably blissful story of George Mason in this year's tournament has taken some focus off what would otherwise being a star-making week for LSU's Glen "Big Baby" Davis. The sophomore center is the type of unique creature almost exclusively associated with college basketball.

First off, the guy is six-foot-nine, weighs about 486 pounds and talks like Mike Tyson would talk if he had a mouthful of pebbles. Which, in a way, he kind of does: Davis is one of the few prominent athletes out there who gleefully wears braces. So it's nice to see someone succeeding while still going through those awkward years.


The best might have been when Davis went off about the "tapeworms in his belly" and started pretending to be some sort of fairy while wearing a boa during the postgame celebration. It's always enjoyable when people who aren't all that media-packaged and savvy are suddenly thrust upon the national stage; Glen Davis is nothing if not himself, and it's always worth rooting for guys like that.

Unless they're playing George Mason, anyway.

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