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"We still not satisfied yet. We got TAPEWORMS in our belly. We wanna still eat."
- LSU forward Glen Davis, with some interesting imagery

LSU has made themselves the 1st 1/4th of the Final Four after owning Texas in overtime, cruising to a 70-60 overtime win after a frantic end to the regulation period.

LSU jumped out to a quick 7-point lead in overtime after a Glen Davis three-pointer, and Texas never really recovered. I don't have a record-book in front of me, but I believe he might be the only man to ever hit a three-pointer in the NCAA tournament while battling tapeworms. He lead all scorers with 24, but great games were had by Davis, Tyrus Thomas, 42-year-old Brad Buckman, PJ Tucker, and just about anyone who played defense for LSU.

What an incredible run of basketball games we've had. The Sweet 16 round of games was jaw-droppingly amazing, and if the next three games of this round are as good as this one, then I'm going to have to stop liking girls and propose to Jay Bilas.


By the way, if anyone is at a computer and unable to watch the game, the GameCenter at CBS updates incredibly fast. I recommend it.