Watching the sports.
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The NBA Playoffs should be at something like their apex right now, and in the least entertaining possible sense they may well be. There are four notionally entertaining teams left, and they have combined through four games for maybe three entertaining quarters. The league’s biggest and most brilliant stars are still playing, and they have mostly been brilliant in ways that have ranged between Sisyphus But With Dunks and Actively Assaultive To The Senses. It is no brag to say that this week’s Deadcast could have been entirely Drew honking about how much he hates the Rockets and Celtics and me kind of trying to talk him down before eventually giving up and trying to steer the conversation towards the Mets bullpen.

It could have been that, but thankfully the universe provided some non-NBA stuff to honk about. And so we—joined by beloved Deadspin cousin Kyle Wagner—went ahead and honked about that. In this case, that meant Internet Things Everyone Kind Of Hates and a secretly boring Supreme Court decision that opens up the possibility of legal sports gambling. That future almost certainly won’t arrive without another few boring Supreme Court decisions, but honestly there is no way we’re going to talk about the fucking Cavaliers instead of a boundless gambling-positive future, so we did that.

Of course, we also talked about the NBA playoffs, and which sport has the most absolutely turd-stupid fans, the old gentle goofball internet, the unbelievable bleakness of life as a professional gambler, and somehow, briefly, Boris Diaw. We’re going to make it through this. We’re going to be fine.

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