In Which We Stumble Into An Interview With Mr. Skin, Father Of 3-Year-Old Phenom Beau

Two days ago, Deadspin's little-kid baseball scouting service brought you video of 3-year-old Beau. Shortly after our post, we learned that the man playing ball with Beau was his father, Jim McBride. You might know him as Mr. Skin (NSFW).


Obviously, this was too incredible to ignore, so I decided to email him. Through the speedy customer service of, I was able to get in contact with Mr. Skin quite effortlessly. Here is a transcript of our short interview, which I've edited a little for clarity.

David: Hello. So, I wanted to talk to you about the video we posted of Beau.

Mr. Skin: Hey David, I'm actually a big fan of Deadspin and I nearly pissed myself when I saw my kid's YouTube video on your front page. But now, instead of Mr. Skin, my friends are all calling me Mr. Marinovich. Thanks a lot! Big Macs for my slugger-in-the-making!

David: Who shot and edited the video?

Mr. Skin: One of my employees taped [it] last summer so I could show off [Beau's] skills to his out-of-state grandparents. If you're a White Sox fan, the music might seem cool, because that's what plays when the Sox take the field. But if you're not into the Sox, I can see how it would be annoying. And if you like the Cubs, I'm glad if you're annoyed.


David: How did he get that swing?

Mr. Skin: You can't really teach a three-year-old how to hit. All you can do is play with him a lot...which I do.


David: Is he on any teams now?

Mr. Skin: Beau just turned four last October, so he's still too young for T-Ball. But my guess is that he'll do okay once he's old enough.


David: Is Konerko [Beau wears a Konerko shirtsey in parts of the video] his favorite player?

Mr. Skin: He's a big Paul Konerko fan, but Carlos Quentin went deep last night, so he loves him today.


David: What are Beau's top five nude scenes?

Mr. Skin:Other then White Sox and Black Hawk games he hasn't watched too many movies yet, but he SWEARS he saw a nip-slip on a recent episode of Dora The Explorer.


David: Last one: What do you think of baseball dads and sports dads in general?

Mr. Skin: That typical pushy, aggressive, hyper-competitive bullying thing is really NOT my personality. I was a Little League ump for ten years and I'd see those type of dads and think, "I will never be like that! My son and I will play baseball only for fun and sheerly for the love of the game." That stated, Scott Boras: please contact me at immediately!


So there you have it. Join me next week when I talk to the founder of Brazzers about his daughter's upcoming ballet recital.