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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Incredibly Fun Video Of A Fireworks Mishap At A Minor League Baseball Game

Everyone loves a good minor league baseball fireworks show. Unfortunately, whether you've bused in a group of epileptics or not, these things just don't go according to plan.


Last weekend, after a Hudson Valley Renegades game, a series of unfortunate events occurred, culminating in one man's audibly freaking out like he's watching something Dwyane Wade would make an inappropriate reference to.


Reader Tim has the full story:

About five minutes into the show a stray firework shoots from behind the outfield fence and off the pitcher's mound sending sparks everywhere. People began to realize something was wrong. No more than two minutes later, another stray firework got shot directly above the press box/luxury suite level. To make the story even more surreal, the crowd had voted during the game for the background music and picked "Holiday" music. Hence the "Most Wonderful Time" playing in the background. And no one got hurt from the firework. I believe someone rolled/twisted an ankle trying to get away.

Yes, the extremely soft Christmas music really makes this one. Thanks, Tim.

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