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Indecisive Hurdler Discovers Breast Implants Don't Improve Leaping Ability

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Australia's Jana Rawlinson was not happy with her body's natural curves, so like a lot of women, she decided to get breast implants. Then she remembered that she was an Olympic-caliber hurdler and silicon is heavier than air.


Rawlinson confessed to Women's Day magazine that she secretly got breast implants in July 2008, after becoming enamored with her enlarged pregnancy boobs. (Who wouldn't?) That was the same month she dropped out of the Beijing Olympics because of a toe injury, though it's not clear if the surgery came before or after. Then in September of last year, she changed her mind and had the implants removed. That was one month after she missed the World Championships with a bulging disk in her back.

The former world champion in the 400m hurdles—who has been labeled a bit of a "drama queen" by her countrymen—apparently did not think her plan through very well, since adding large sacks of rubbery gel to your chest makes you neither lighter nor aerodynamic. She says she gave them up because she didn't want to "short-change Australia" at the 2012 games, provided she can make it that long without changing her mind again.


It's fairly easy to see that these flip-flips are just part Rawlinson impulsive, noncommittal nature. She's also announced that just as soon as her recent divorce is finalized, she's planning to get married again ... to her soon-to-be ex-husband. (Who is also her ex-coach.) Can't this woman stick to anything?

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