Indiana High School Basketball Players Indicted For Hazing Incident

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Four former members of Carmel High's varsity basketball team were indicted by a grand jury and will face misdemeanor battery charges for two incidents in which they hazed and/or sodomized school mates. This is definitely going in their permanent files.


It took four months and 57 grand jury witnesses, but investigators finally think they've figured out what happened in the back of a school bus on January 22, when a freshman manager was allegedly assaulted by two of the players. "Rudely" assaulted, that is. Oh, and January 8 when that same kid and another student were attacked in a locker room. The four seniors—who also posed for this unfortunate photo—have already been kicked off the team and will face various charges for their roles.

Meanwhile, four coaches who basically looked the other way and allowed this happen have all resigned. They won't face charges, even though it's pretty clear that they share some of the blame here. (Three of them were actually on the bus when one of the attacks happened.) The four defendants—one of whom has a dad who played for Bob Knight at IU—have supposedly hired a kickass defense attorney, so who knows if they'll actually be convicted of anything.


So will any of this have an effect on hazing elsewhere? Probably not. Every generation of kids think they're more badass than the one before it—they are wrong, of course—and if you're not going to punish the adults who allow this crap to go on as harshly as you punish the kids who think it's allowed, then bullies will always be bullies.

Teenagers, as you may have noticed, are the worst.

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