Bobby Knight will be inducted into the Indiana University Hall of Fame, less than 10 years after he was given the boot for yelling at kids. That should be a fun ceremony, huh?

No one knows if Knight will attend the festivities on November 6, but now that Myles Brand no longer works in Bloomington anything is possible. His decision to enact a "zero-tolerance" policy on Knight's behavior forced the school to fire the coach after he scolded a student on campus, a move that sent the basketball program into a crazy near-death spiral. (With a nice assist from Kelvin Sampson.) A nice plaque should make up for that.


If there's justice in this universe, Knight will show up, hurl a chair into the audience, then give everyone the 'ol double deuce as he pisses in the punch bowl. Instead, he'll probably be gracious and humble and accept their symbolic apology with some class. Rats.

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