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Indianapolis' Belushi Solution

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If you happen to find yourself in Indianapolis for the Final Four this weekend, the city wants you to have an excellent time all around. It's Indy on the biggest stage of all, and after St. Louis' rousing success last year, the sleepy burg hopes to follow up with a party-filled weekend of its own.

Its efforts have taken an intriguing turn. At Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, famed Indiana rocker John Mellencamp will be heading up a weekend-long rock show, featuring other famed Indiana rockers like, uh, John Cougar and John Cougar Mellencamp. (Apparently Axl Rose is busy putting the finishing touches on "Chinese Democracy.")


But when it comes to truth in advertising, Indianapolis making sure fans who come by know exactly what they're in for. The title of the big event? We're not kidding around here: My Coke Fest. Perhaps Indy's tourism slogan is particularly apt: "So Easy, To Do So Much."

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