Indicted Official On National TV Broadcast: FIFA Funded 2010 Elections

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Former FIFA official Jack Warner bought airtime on some of Trinidad’s biggest TV networks in primetime tonight to air his own “The Gloves Are Off” political message, claiming he had proof FIFA money influenced the 2010 Trinidad & Tobago national election.

That election brought the People’s Parnership coalition to power in that country, and earned Warner a senior position in the federal government. The U.S. indictment alleges Warner accepted a $10 million bribe in 2008 to vote for South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup.


Warner’s eight-minute message was rambling and cheaply produced, with quotations from Gandhi and an insistence that “I am telling the truth...I have witnessed the treachery of this government.”

Warner previously spoke in his own defense in a Facebook video featuring the former CONCACAF head citing The Onion as if it were a real newpaper.



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