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Insane Car Crash Slowed Down For Maximum Viewer Discomfort

"When I woke up the morning of jump day, I called my wife and told her that I had a bad feeling," said James Kirkam, the 4 Wheel Motor Sports Creative Team Leader for the GoPro video above.


Guerlain Chicherit, a former pro skier and now full-time rally driver famous for backflipping a Mini, attempted to break the world record for the longest ramp car jump on March 18 in Tignes, France. He reached a peak speed of 160 km/h, took flight, cleared the ramp, and was then shook like a rag doll as his car rolled more times than I care to count.

God, this video is chilling. Look at how wide his eyes get at 8:03, just before his car's nose slams into the ramp. He knows what's about to happen. He must know. And then it happens anyway.

Somehow after this horrific wreck of his custom Mini, Chicherit walked away—well, he walked, but into the hospital for an MRI, where he spent the night for observation, according to ESPN. He was shortly discharged and his since resumed his life of as extreme athlete, which seems to center around product promotion of energy drinks.

But he's yet to return to car jumping, and he hasn't uttered a peep about another attempt at the world record. That part of him seems to still be the only thing that injured in the crash.