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Inside the Infield at Churchill Downs

Just because you don't really give a crap about horse racing doesn't mean you shouldn't be enjoying yourself like the happy-go-lucky types at the OTB. The Kentucky Derby is really just one huge ass party divided in two parts. The rich guys and southern belles cougars wear their most ridiculously extravagant outfits and sip delicious brandy that they proceed to water down and sweeten. It's kind of like Michael Scott asking for ice and Splenda to go with Lee Iacocca's 20 year-old single malt scotch. As everyone knows, the party in the infield is a different beast.

Replace the brightly colored gowns, stupid looking hats, and bourbon with cutoff jeans, stupid looking mullets, and Bud Light. Toss in a bunch of crazy motherfuckers and the infield becomes quite the soirée.


Here's a highlight video from last year's ridiculousness featuring an actress from The Office who knows a little something about drinking too much and flashing her tits.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go pick up some bourbon from the liquor store around the corner. I'll be back with live coverage of the actual race and my own picks around the time they start wedging those beasts into the starting gate.

Image courtesy of Sniper Photography via Busted Coverage.

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