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Inter Milan Fans Are A Charming Bunch

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Upset that their favorite team was eliminated from the Champions League, Inter Milan fans waited for them at the airport and when they got back, assaulted them both verbally and physically.

Inter actually won a league game inbetween the Champions League loss and their return home, but I guess that wasn't sufficient time for the fans' wounds to heal. So, to help themselves through the grieving process, they opened up a small wound on the head of midfielder Cristiano Zanetti and also injured a couple of cops.


This comes just a couple days after Inter Milan was fined about $30,000 after their fans hit an African player, Marc Zoro, with some racist taunts. They even made a racist banner. They are thorough in their racism.

Also, the Vatican is mad at them for playing a game against rival AC Milan on Good Friday. The Pope should probably watch his back.

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