Post-human business doof Darren Rovell did some tweets tonight, like he does whenever a dollar farts. They were bad and bland in their undressed form, but Twitter user @trillballins spiced them up with dramatic vocals and now I love them. Consider this asinine joke our dude probably drafted a week ago.

Rovell isn’t hip to the conspiracy unfolding before our eyes in Philly, but that all melts away to these dulcet tones. There’s some emotional heft to this one.

We didn’t get to see how Trill handled “likely top $600B.” That’s a cliffhanger folks.


This is High Art.


Who’s hungry?

If he ever starts taking requests, I wanna hear this bad boy get the shine it deserves.


Update (5/21, 10:51 p.m.): The sun is shining.


Update (9/5, 1:14 p.m.): He’s back.

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